Character Description

Quorri Expressions

Quorri Expressions,

Now introducing.. Quorri! [kwoh-ree]

So after two years of trying to find a name for my humanoid-robot, it finally came to me last week. Although I haven’t fleshed out other characters that interact with her within the story, I have a general idea of who Quorri is as a person robot.

Quorri, a humanoid-robot. She was built by her creator to help fight resurrecting robots that suddenly started appearing from what happens to be an ancient underground city. She was the last robot to be built within the her creator’s team; specializing in energy and agility. Quorri developed an emotion to dislike fighting because of almost permanently damaging one of her team members during a sparring practice day. Her creator knows she does not fighting as much as others, so she collects various materials for more robots to be built in the future. Later, Quorri helps the creator make her “second half,” Quota.


I gathered a reference board on pinterest for a more detailed idea than my concept art I already have:

And here’s a basic profile overview of Quorri.

Name: Quorri

Age: 2 years

Gender: Female

Height: 5’0”

Birthplace: a Laboratory

Family: None

Friends: Quota

Habits: Speaking without thinking

Hobbies: Making things out of scrap materials

Career: Fight opposing robots from an ancient underground city

Education: Built in Data

Clothes: Refined Metal (Recycled) as gear/equipment

Favorite books: Craft books

Addiction: Collecting random items that propose a sentimental value

Self Esteem: Being afraid of her strong energy and agility she possesses

Fears: Bugs and large bodies of water

Hopes & Dreams: To be able to wield her strength

Moments: The day when she helped build a fellow robot, Quota, with her creator

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