Setup & Progress

3dsMax Setup

3dsMax Setup,

This is the setup I used in 3dsMax. I usually set up the character turnarounds as the environment background but the update for 3dsMax 2014 took out that option. It wasn’t a problem, just a minor set back. I locked the planes with the turnarounds on a separate layer so they would not be accidentally moved while building my character.

3D Head Model Process

3D Head Model Process,

After a few hours, Quorri’s head started to come along. She wears her head gear 100% of the time so I didn’t think her ears were needed to be built.

Head Gear Progress

Head Gear Progress,

So these are the basic test renders of what Quorri’s head and her head gear looks like. I didn’t quite wrap her head gear all the way around her head because her hair, and it would create unnecessary polygons. But so far so good; I know I’m going to have a little trouble with her hair, but I don’t think it’ll be that bad.

In the next week and half, I’m planning to get as much, if not finish, building her body so I can get to the texturing process.




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