UV Mapping & Texturing

Quorri with Hair, rrgonzalez.com

Quorri with hair, rrgonzalez.com

This week I finally finished Quorri’s hair! To be honest, it was a bit challenging because I’m used to building hair with planes and her hair is straight geometry. Overall, I am pretty satisfied with the outcome. Now, it’s time for the UV Mapping and texturing!

Objects & Materials, rrgonzalez.com

Various Objects & Materials, rrgonzalez.com

After hours upon hours of UV Mapping, texturing, and mostly organizing, I finally reached the “look” of my concept art of Quorri. The only difficulty of this process would be the fact of how long it took to texture her. I didn’t think it would of taken this long as it should, but I think it’s because of the fact the test renders were taking longer and longer the more I put textures. And of course I would have a character that has a BUNCH of reflections and a visor that requires a Raytrace map. But, she looks good! ^^

Quorri's Head Turnaround, rrgonzalez.com

Quorri’s Head Turnaround, rrgonzalez.com

Quorri Textured, rrgonzalez.com

Quorri Textured, rrgonzalez.com

So for the next two weeks I plan to start rigging her. I am honestly…not the best rigger, seriously. But I know the basics. I’ll be logging my (many) trial and errors here so I’m hoping for the best!

Until next week!

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