Quorri's Skeleton, rrgonzalez.com

Quorri’s Skeleton, rrgonzalez.com

Rigging. This has been a very troublesome task this week I must admit. Like I said before rigging is totally not my thing, but it is coming along! Surprisingly. So first off, I built Quorri’s skeleton. The only difficulty I ran into was me putting too many bones. Weird to say, but it’s true. For example, putting a separate bone as a joint when in reality, I didn’t need it. I eventually got rid of those, applied a Skin Modifier, and started painting weights.

Skin Modifer & Painting Weights, rrgonzalez.com

Skin Modifer & Painting Weights, rrgonzalez.com

Everything went pretty smooth while painting weights. That was only short lived until I applied an HD IK Solver in Quorri’s fingers. Keep in mind, I have a VERY LITTLE idea of what I am doing at this point, so I’m doing this not necessarily blind, but wearing really fogged up glasses in a sauna. The HD IK Solver worked for a little bit, but I didn’t like how the fingers were bending overall, so I tried to delete it; but it would delete the bones as well. I later found out 3dsMax’s HD IK Solver has been glitchy since the 3dsMax 2012 and you could NOT disable or delete the IK’s. I tried importing Quorri’s hands (bones) from a previously saved file so I could keep the weights I painted earlier, until I realized it was a file where I barely started painting weights in her hand.. Yeah, a couple hours of painting weights down the drain.. My goodness I was really to flip my computer and rage for a good hour. But I managed, and I swear to never us the HD IK Solver in 3dsMax ever again. Haha!

Arm Rotation Controls, rrgonzalez.com

Arm Rotation Controls, rrgonzalez.com

So after repainting weights in Quorri’s hands I attached a few circular splines (white arrows pointing in the picture above) around Quorri’s major joints for easier control when I animate her later down the line. Yellow controls will be the left side, blue controls will be the right side, and pink will be the center controls such as neck, waist, and etc.

Quorri's Arms with Weights, rrgonzalez.com

Quorri’s Arms with Weights, rrgonzalez.com

Here’s what Quorri looks like with her arms bent. I think I want to go back to the weights and edit them a bit more if I have more time. But overall, not bad for an animator/concept artist rig. Haha!

Hair Flex Test, rrgonzalez.com

Hair Flex Test, rrgonzalez.com

After painting the weights for Quorri’s head, I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to animate Quorri’s hair, but then I remembered the Flex Modifier in 3dsMax; it makes the assigned object move when the parent of the object moves. Luckily, there was an option to paint more weights in the Flex Modifier! (yay?) So I painted the ends of her hair loosely so they could move when her head moves back and forth. The test render is on the left.

That is all for this week. I am going to try and complete painting weights for the rest of her body.

Maybe I can be ahead of schedule. ^^

Until next week!

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