New Morphs, Audio, & Corrupted Data

Apologies for the lack of updates. But lets get back into it!

So I have completed all of the phonemes from my list. I found it a bit challenging with Quorri’s phonemes because there are some slight pinching in her cheeks and the edges of her mouth. You can see them in the test renders below, but it’s something I can fix; just needs a bit more time. I did however had more fun forming her tongue into the correct positions for the LL, NN, and TH phonemes. Maybe sometime in the future I can create a tongue rig. That’d be pretty cool.


Rendered Morph Targets,

Rendered Morph Targets,



So after adjusting a bit of the morph targets, I have a full completion of phonemes!  Right now I am focusing more on the mouth shapes and movement versus facial expressions. Although I can form a few facial expressions with what I have; such as worried, shocked, and happy, I know I have to make a few more morph targets to achieve better facial expressions. I believe that’ll be something I’d do after I have the main key frames for Quorri’s facial animation. The picture below is the complete map of phonemes on file.


Morph Target Setup Updated,

Morph Target Setup Updated,

The left head is the default head; original geometry I can reference back to if the morph target I am working on is not working out after all. On the right side, the top row is all of the eye and eye brow expressions such as blinking, and eyebrow lifts and scrunches. The row below it are all of the phonemes: AA, AH, AW, BMP, CDG/SS, EE,FV,JJ, LL, NN, OH, OOUW,RR,SH, & TH.

Originally, I was planning to have one of my friends record an audio dialogue for me, but it didn’t go as planned. So I ripped a 30+second dialogue from the 3D animated web show RWBY (I have received permission to use the audio). After ripping the audio, I edited it a bit on Soundbooth but adding a few effects so it can fit the animation with Quorri. Because Quorri has headphones, I plan to have her seem like she is talking on the phone with one of her fellow robots. You can check out the audio here: ( I inserted the audio in the 3dsMax Dope Sheet so I can start animating, and everything went smoothly considering I ran into a couple problems when I previously inserted audio back in 3dsMax 2013.

Audio Setup,

Audio Setup,

So when things usually go smoothly, something usually goes wrong. Horribly wrong in this case. After animating a second of Quorri’s face, 3dsMax crashed due to the large amount of data and power my computer was going through. And unfortunately, my file corrupted with it.

Corrupted File,

Corrupted File,

After raging for a minute, I quickly got over it because I knew I had back-up files that were ready to animate. And when my files disappear for some reason, I go back at it and I end up getting to the point where I lost my work a lot quicker than I originally worked for. But I’m kind of psyched to go work on it again since I went through the normal trial and error when beginning to animate. Other than that, just animating and more animating for the next week. I may throw in a quick storyboard so I can see what camera angles I can work with since the only geometry I have is Quorri herself. But we’ll see.

That’s all for now!

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