3D Character Turnaround Rough

Robot Girl Turnaround Rough

Robot Girl Turnaround Rough, rrgonzalez.com

Here is the rough sketch of the Robot Girl’s 3D turnaround. Everything is going good so far; I plan to clean this up a bit and keep the turnaround as line art. I had to tweak a few measurements and angles (such as her lower half of her legs and her feet) to keep everything aligned and consistent. Still debating if I want to keep the vest on her, but I think I’m going to let it be in the turnaround for now.

Concept Art for 3D Model

Robot Girl Concept Art, rrgonzalez.com

Robot Girl Concept Art, rrgonzalez.com

This is concept art of a Robot Girl I digitally painted in Photoshop in 2012. Even though she doesn’t have a name just yet, I have always wanted to give her life by animating her in a small phoneme demo or in a short animation. I plan to draw out her character turnaround and start building her in 3D through 3dsMax in the upcoming weeks. I’m looking forward to seeing how she translates from 2D to 3D.